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Kung Po "Chicken"

You may want to double this recipe. It's REALLY good.

10oz Seitan or your favorite fake meat (Morningstar chix strips work well if you wash them off.)
3 Cloves Garlic and same amount of Ginger
5 Scallions
2 Tbsp (more if you like) Veg Oil
10 Dried Szechuan Chilis or 2 Tbsp Chili Flakes (This makes it hella hot! Adjust to your liking.)
Really, use less Chilis
2/3 Cup Roasted Peanuts
If you like, you can add Bok Choy, Baby Corn, etc. Just make anything you put in match the size of the chix cubes (~1/2 inch cubes) as this is part of the Kung Po Way.

Did you know... This marinade is traditionally used to mask the unfavorable smell of the raw Chicken? Yay for fake Chicken!

1/2 Tsp Salt
2 Tsp Light Soy Sauce
1 Tsp Rice Wine
2 1/4 Tsp Cornstarch
1 Tbsp Water

3 Tbsp Sugar
1 1/8 Tsp Cornstarch
2 Tsp Soy Sauce
3 Tsp Black Chinese Vinegar
1 Tsp Sesame Oil
1 Tbsp Stock or Water

Cut the chix into 1/2 inch cubes and mix with the marinade.

Peel and slice thinly the garlic and ginger. Chop the scallion into chunks the size of the chix cubes. De-seed the chilis and crush-em.

Mix up the sauce ingredients.

Heat up your Wok and add 2 Tbsp oil, add the chilis and stir fry for a minute. (Don't burn the chilis.)

Fry the chix for a couple minutes. Add ginger, garlic and white scallion parts.

Stir the sauce and add to Wok. Add the peanuts. Add some green parts from the scallions for color. You may want to add some more water or stock. (I usually make extra sauce (for the next batch) and sometimes add that here.)