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Trinidad Curry Squash

Curry Squash from Ingrid
Thank you Ingrid! I never liked Squash before you brought this to work for us!

Serve in home made roti preferably. Pan fried thick Fajitas flour tortillas are OK too. Or, just by itself is fine as well.

4-5 medium Yellow Squash/Zucchini. 2 Yellow Squash and 2 Zucchini makes it pretty.
1 Large Potato
1 Can Garbanzos
Peanut Oil or whatever you prefer.
- Peanut Oil is super for Potatoes. You can brown them nicely and they won't fall apart.
1 Medium Onion
2-3 Cloves Garlic
1/2 cube of Veg broth Bouillon mixed with a couple Tbsp Water
Enough Thyme to lightly cover ingredients
Enough Curry Powder to lightly cover ingredients
Freshly ground black pepper
Red Pepper flakes if you wish to add some heat
Tablespoon of Butter or Veg Butter

If using Potatoes, cube to 1/2" and fry in oil until nearly softened. Set aside in a bowl.

During the Potato frying is a good time to prep the other ingredients.

In the empty pan, add the onion and garlic and fry in oil until onions have started cooking.

Add the Squash, Garbanzos and Bouillon mixed with water and steam/stir for 10 mins or so with lid on.

As the Squash is becoming tender, throw the Potatoes back. Add the Thyme, Curry, Butter, Salt and Pepper.

Mix it up. Adjust the flavors if necessary. Make sure everything is hot and serve wrapped in Roti.