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Eauque has been "updating" for about 3 years.

Basically the only changes are the recipes.

Circa 2002....

The technologies used to build this site are XHTML and CSS written with a plain text editor. These technologies are the latest "standard" and highly recommended by the W3C. They help to make a separation between style and content.

As far as I can gather, somewhere near 80% of today's Internet users are browsing with software that supports these "standards." Putting standards in quotations may not be fair because they truly are standards but different browsers support them differently?

Using CSS and XHTML is actually much easier than HTML. There are NO HTML tables used on this site which truly gives complete control over placement of objects on the pages. No worries about tables being nested too deeply or cells which are difficult to get "just right."

Gosh, where have I been.... The Internets are becoming beautiful! Web 2.0 is neat. PPL are using the tools available. I'll need to do some work on the site...

Thanks are due to bluerobot, glish, mako4css, thenoodleincident, alistapart and brainjar for ideas and sample code to help me get started with CSS. Thanks!